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Handheld Game Systems

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  • $12.99

    his all-new handheld tennis game from the gaming experts at E-MODS GAMING is everything you need to immerse yourself in the ultra-playable world of retro games. With a simple, highly playable game you can sit back and enjoy for hours at a time, you’ll never want to go near your console again. 


    • 3.5” retro screen is perfect for handheld gaming 
    • Fast charging and communication via USB interface 
    • Choice of colors available so you can enjoy the 99 games in style
  • $28.99

    Introduce the kids to the joys of retro gaming with this one of a kind handheld mini console. The iconic shape, crystal clear color screen, and incredible battery life all make it a great alternative to smartphone gaming. Not to mention that it comes with 168 instant classics already uploaded.


    • 3.0 inch color screen is perfect for retro gaming
    • 168 built-in games for you to test yourself against
    • Perfect for kids when you’re looking for entertainment on holiday
    • Available in a choice of colors
  • Sale
    $45.99 $29.99

    This latest addition to the SIANCS range has been created with nothing but retro gaming in mind. With a classic Gameboy-inspired case, 129 built-in games, and hours of battery life, it offers everything you need to enjoy the old classics you grew up with. Also makes a great gift for the next generation of gamers.


    • 8-bit retro console comes complete with 129 classic games 
    • 2.5” LCD color screen offers a brilliant retro gaming experience 
    • Fast-charging USB port ensures you never have to wait to enjoy retro gaming