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  • $37.99

    This classic 8-bit console from BOYHOM is everything you need if you want to remember why you got into gaming in the first place. The iconic look and feel is perfectly balanced by the 500+ pre-loaded classics that are already ready and waiting. Just what you need when it’s really time to enjoy yourself. 


    • HDMI Compatible
    • Comes complete with more than 500 classic titles ready and raring to go 
    • 1 GB hard drive allows you to save your progress across multiple titles 
    • Ships with 2 controllers for head-to-head gaming
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    $49.99 $35.99

    With an iconic look like this it’s no wonder that the latest retro console from the Data Frog team is already proving more popular than anyone could have imagined. With a pair of classic controllers and 620 games, you’ll have everything you need to put your feet up and take it easy all night long. 


    • 620 games preloaded and ready to you enjoy for hours and hours 
    • 8-bit architecture has been specially designed to optimize retro gaming 
    • Supports PAL and NTSC via a standard AV connection
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    $40.99 $31.99

    Data Frog have done it again with their new TV video games console that connects instantly with any compatible TV. The lightweight controllers allow you to enjoy agile, fast-paced gaming from the moment it arrives, whilst the 600+ retro classics give you a lifetime of gaming with the click of a button. 


    • Enjoy more than 600 timeless classics on your giant flatscreen like never before 
    • 8-bit architecture is perfect for getting the most out of retro gaming 
    • Communicates via USB and AV for a simple plug and play installation
  • $99.99

    Data Frog is a name that stands out when you want to enjoy retro gaming at its best, and when you see their latest creation it’s not hard to see why. With more than 600 games and a stunning wireless controller, you’ll have everything you need to enjoy some downtime like never before. 


    • Comes complete with 600 classic games installed and ready to go 
    • Includes 2.4 GHz wireless controller for gaming without limits 
    • Supports 4K and HD output, as well as external SD cards
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    $142.99 $103.99

    Enjoy retro gaming on your flatscreen and you’ll be able to get more out of the old classics than ever before. With 64-bit console power and a stunning 4K output as standard, you’ll have everything you need to sit back and relax with some of your favorite titles of the last 20 years — a great git for the true gamer. 


    • Connects to any HD or 4K TV with ease 
    • 800 retro games come built-in for hours of gaming pleasure 
    • Comes complete with 2 gaming pads and supports external SD cards