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    Take your recording and broadcasting anywhere you like with the Andoer clip-on mic by your side. The versatile and flexible solution allows you to record outdoors without your audio being washed out by ambient noise and interference. Just what you need to get creative with your tech.


    • Omnidirectional polar pattern helps suppress ambient noise 
    • Ideal for use outdoors, at conferences, or whilst giving a presentation at work 
    • Lightweight condenser is designed to go wherever you do
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    Transform any room in the house into your very own home studio thanks to the BY-MI digital audio mic from Boya. This compact and versatile piece of equipment is perfect for finding your feet in the world of podcasts and YouTubing, and allows you to learn the basics without any of the costly overheads. 


    • Comes complete with 3.5 to 6.5 mm audio jack adaptor 
    • Lavalier microphone helps reject noise and common modes 
    • Omnidirectional polar patterns ensure versatility and flexibility will never be an issue
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    Building your own home studio, launching your podcast, or recording your thoughts has never been easier thanks to the latest model condenser microphone from Branches, the Branches BM 800. The precision engineered design and omnidirectional detection offers a truly immersive sound that ensures noise sensitivity is never an issue. 


    • Full-wired design has been optimized for noise suppression and rejection 
    • Comes complete with fully adjustable stand 
    • XLR input reduces unwanted audio pickup and guarantees crystal clear sound
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    Whether you’re speaking with co-workers online, want to launch a podcast or record some music on a budget, you need the Fifine USB mic by your side. With studio quality sound and a compact plug and play design, it allows you to get up and running in a matter of minutes. Ideal if you want to get started without all the costly overheads. 


    • Uni-directional polar pattern guarantees studio quality sound 
    • USB interface is ideal for a quick and easy plug and play installation 
    • 78 dB S/N ratio offers crystal clear audio, all day long
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    Whether you’re chatting with friends, launching a podcast, or even enjoying a spot of karaoke, the BM800 from Sodial is the wired mic you’ve been waiting for. The perfectly balanced condenser offers an uncompromising dynamic range for quality audio that you will wonder how you ever did without. 


    • Omnidirectional pickup for a truly natural sound 
    • Comes with XLR male to female professional quality cable 
    • -38 dB sensitivity with 78 dB signal noise for uncompromising performance
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    Whether you want to record an album, launch a podcast, or just take your karaoke to the next level, the latest creation from the audio experts at Felyby holds the answer. It’s designed to be used on any level surface, and because of the quality of the noise suppression it guarantees crystal clear audio every step of the way. 


    • Comes with a versatile 3.5 mm connection as standard 
    • Cardioid polar pattern ensures a truly immersive sound 
    • Adjustable studio stand included