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  • Enjoy your music wherever the day takes you thanks to this exclusive new bluetooth stereo speaker from M&J. With instant connectivity over bluetooth and a powerful subwoofer, it allows you to enjoy your tunes day or night. Just what you need to get the party started. 

    • Instantly connects over bluetooth from up to 10 m away 
    • 10 W of stereo-quality audio 
    • Battery powered for unrivaled portability
  • When you think of M&J products you instantly think of uncompromising audio quality combined with eye-catching design. Their new LED subwoofer is testament to their approach, and is everything you need when it’s time to have fun. From the studio quality bass to the vibrant lighting, you finally have everything you need in a single compact package. 


    • 10 W of power combined with full-range audio crossover 
    • Durable metal body is designed to withstand any environment 
    • Instant connection via Aux, USB, or Bluetooth
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    $82.99 $37.99

    When uncompromising audio quality is all that matters, look no further than the S18 from NBY. Thanks to the instant bluetooth connectivity and built-in mic you can now lie back and enjoy your music like never before. Perfect for when you want to make the most of your time off. 


    • Built-in mic allows quick and easy voice search 
    • Dynamic frequency range easily reaches 20 kHz
    • Dual driver subwoofer creates a truly immersive sound
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    $128.99 $58.99

    The Mifa A20 is a wireless speaker designed to deliver in a big way. The enhanced base will breathe new life into any track or album you play, whilst the instant connectivity makes it the perfect choice for backyard gatherings or house parties. All you need to do now is decide where you want to use it first. 


    • 30 W of audio power for a truly powerful wireless portable speaker 
    • Onboard battery is quick and easy to charge,
    • Connect via bluetooth, AUX, or audio line for a truly versatile listening experience
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    $57.99 $38.99

    The MIFA Anti-Shock speaker is designed for uncompromising outdoor use no matter where life takes you. Whether it’s bumpy terrain, a sudden downpour, or anything else life throws at you, this is one speaker that’s certainly built for the outdoors. All you need to do now is decide where you want to use it first.  

    • DSP 3D stereo sound for an unrivaled level of audio quality 
    • Waterproof design can go wherever you go 
    • Anti-Shock technology ensures you never have to slow down
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    $75.99 $27.99

    As you take a look at the simple, understated style of the Tiso T10 you could be forgiven for thinking it’s a speaker that’s happy to stay in the shadows. The moment you power it on you’ll never think that again as the perfectly balanced audio brings your favorite anthems to life. Perfect for when nothing but the best will do. 


    • 5 W of unsaturated output power for crystal clear audio 
    • V4.2 bluetooth chip ensures instant connectivity with any compatible device 
    • Long-life battery and full-range audio crossover provide a versatile listening experience
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    Get the party started on the beach, in the back yard, or by the pool with the Nishen Super Bass. The powerful base-enhanced audio is designed to get the ground shaking without sacrificing the crystal clear quality of the audio. Perfect for when you want to sit back and enjoy your favorite tunes late into the night. 

    • Full-range audio crossover creates studio quality sound
    • 10-hour playback time is enough to last all day long 
    • Waterproof design ideal for outdoor use
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    $93.99 $55.99

    Enjoy your music no matter where you are with the DOSS Soundbox by your side. The instant bluetooth connectivity and innovative touch control make for the quick and easy listening experience no music lover should be without. Exactly what you need when it’s time to lie back and relax 

    • Integrated mic makes searching and requesting easier than ever before 
    • Touch control offers a unique interface you won’t find anywhere else 
    • 2 x 6 W dual driver speakers for uncompromising audio quality