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  • $20.99

    Sit back and relax with great content whenever the mood takes you thanks to the powerful new Kebidumei AnyCast. By instantly turning your TV into a Smart TV, it makes it quick and easy to enjoy your favorite boxsets and movies. Just what you need when you’re in the mood for a binge watching session. 


    • 100 GB of storage for more content than you will know what to do with 
    • Connects instantly using USB for unrivaled ease of use 
    • Fully compatible with Android and iOS devices
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    $33.99 $21.99

    Transform your old TV into a Smart TV with the MiraScreen streaming stick. This one little device can hold up to 100 GB of HD video so you can enjoy hour after of hour great quality content like never before. Perfect for when you want to create a brand new entertainment setup for just a fraction of the cost. 


    • Runs Linux for a robust and reliable streaming experience 
    • Available in a choice of colors 
    • 100 GB of storage is perfect for viewing your favorite boxsets in stunning HD
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    $33.99 $25.99

    Transform the way you enjoy 1080p HD video with this easy-to-use wireless display dongle from Sodial. It’s fully compatible with any projector, TV, computer, or handheld device, and allows you to consume great quality content no matter where you are. Ideal if you’re looking for a flexible solution you can take anywhere. 


    • Offers 1080p video with a quick plug and play installation 
    • RK3036 CPU ensures optimal performance whenever you need it 
    • 60 fps 1080p video decoder with 128 MB of DDR3 onboard