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You only have to look on YouTube to see that footage taken with professional drones is now big business, but there are still a number of common pitfalls you need to be aware of. We can tell you from years in the industry what works and what doesn’t when it comes to your specific needs, but that doesn’t mean anyone can. It’s all too easy to start promoting yourself as an expert who has professional drones for sale without knowing the intricate tech details that make all the difference. 

That’s why with us when you search ‘professional drones for photography’ that’s exactly what you get. We have plenty of other categories for entry-level models and racing drones, but we know that when you want a photography drone that does your view of the world justice, you don’t want to have to settle for anything else. 

With our constantly expanding range of professional drones with cameras you’ll be able to search the best and brightest tech in the industry, and treat yourself to exactly what you need for a price you won’t find anywhere else. It’s the simple, straightforward and transparent way to shop that you can rely on from the moment you get in touch.

Professional Drones

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  • Foldable drone
    • GPS and Optical Flow modes, Optical Flow mode can set fixed height and achieve Follow Me function
    • One key to return function makes it easily to find the way home, Failsafe return button
    • WIFI camera version come with 4K HD Gimbal camera., 110° wide angle, ESC angle 75°
    • Take a single gesture and shoot, whether you are a professional photographer or not, you can take beautiful pictures for you
    • With smart Surround shooting shooting mode, one key 360° Surround shooting mode allows you to take a perfect selfie
    • Follow me function allows aircraft follower, arbitrary and easy manipulation
    • 1800 mAh high-capacity battery with a flight time of up to 25 minutes and a flight speed of 16 m/s
  • 8510-800483.jpeg
    $274.99 $159.99

    The remote control can adjust the camera angle up and down, and can continuously adjust up and down 90 degrees.

    • WIFI 120-degree wide-angle HD, 4K pixels, camera pixels 3840 * 2160P, real-time transmission speed is 30 frames per second 1080p, WiFi map transmission distance is 300-500 meters
    • WiFi camera can use mobile phone/remote control to take pictures.
    • The product adopts foldable design for easy storage
    • The product has both outdoor GPS positioning and indoor optical flow positioning functions to ensure stable hovering indoors and outdoors
    • The battery adopts modular design, which is convenient for users to buy more electricity and fly for a long time
    • Equipped with a two-axis mechanical gimbal camera. No fear of camera shake
    • Use brushless motor. Longer flight time. Stronger power. More windproof
    • Indoor air pressure fixed / optical flow positioning / outdoor dual-mode GPS fixed point / GPS one-key return
    • Return settings include: one-button return/low pressure return/uncontrolled return.
  • extended-arm-foldable-drone
    $286.99 $159.99
    • One-button return to the take-off point, low-power return, no signal return
    • Multi-point planning flight of the route with aircraft recovery function
    • 110° degree adjustable camera with a Two-axis mechanicalStabilizing Gimbal Camera
    • 11.1V plug-in smart lithium battery life /Long flight time 75mins (3 Batteries), 25mins (1 battery) Rechargeable remote control battery,3.5hours endurance time
  • Sale
    $249.99 $189.99
    • 5G Wifi Transfer 5G Wifi gives you an accurate real-time aerial view, allowing you to capture clear photos and great video from your phone to capture the world from the air
    • 4K HD wide-angle camera: 90-degree adjustable steering and 4K high-definition wide-angle camera have been carefully adjusted to capture vivid images with minimal chromatic aberration and distortion
    • Gesture photos and videos: Take a photo of the camera with a Victory gesture and then shoot the video with a Palm gesture, which is very convenient with simple gestures
    • Tracking targets after flight, M1 DRONE will automatically identify objects of different shapes and sizes and then track them according to their shape and speed of movement. This makes tracking easier and more reliable
    • Point of Interest Battle – This feature allows you to select a point on the application interface where the D4 drone will fly. 360° full-angle surround sound makes it easy to shoot stylish videos
    • Dual Positioning System – Intelligent Optical Flow Sensing System and GPS Positioning help achieve stable takeoff, flight and landing
    • Gesture Control – With Palm Control mode, you can take amazing aerial photos with just a gesture, without the need for a remote or mobile device
  • Sale
    • With foldable arm, small size, easy to carry
    • GPS Positioning. Under GPS mode, when the aircraft receives the signal from satellites, it will position where it is
    • Optical Flow Positioning. It captures image data with the drone’s bottom camera, then uses the optical flow to improve the smoothness of the control
    • 5G WIFI FPV. 1080P videos and 4K photos, with real-time transmission
    • 4K HD Camera Gimbal. It is equipped with 4K camera, tuned amazingly to capture pictures and videos from the sky, also with three-axis brushless gimbal, helping the drone record vibration-free footages
    • Brushless Motor: It is so quiet but very powerful when running. Breakdown rarely occurs and motor replacement is seldom required, which makes your flight more enjoyable
    • Altitude Hold Mode. In altitude hold mode, the drone maintains a consistent altitude while allowing roll, pitch, and yaw to be controlled normally
    • Camera angle can be controlled by transmitter/APP to pitch from -90° to 0°
    • One Key Takeoff /Landing. One press automatically taking off or landing, the drone will take off or go back to the position where it took off and it is very suitable for novice operation
    • One Key Return. One-key return function makes it easily to find the way home
    • One Key Following Mode. In the mode, the drone will fly following the player to capture the beautiful moment
    • Point of Interesting Flight. Choose one point, then t the drone fly in a circle around a set waypoint and make sure you will get panorama pictures and video
    • With 11.4V 2400mAh battery, the fly time up to 25 mins
    • With low power protection over-current protection
    • Lens zoom: Focus is faster and more accurate, and the moment is fixed
    • The quadcopter fuselage is made of high strength and resistant engineering plastics, lightweight and durable resistance
  • drone-with-controller
    $344.99 $299.99
    • FPV online broadcast
    • Altitude Hold Mode
    • Headless Mode Intuitive Orientation
    • Automatic Return Home Failsafe
    • Automatic Take-off and Landing
    • 3-axis stabilized 4k camera equipped with F2.2 aperture and 89° wide-angle lens
    • Use image tracking, select the area to record and keep the wonderful moments
    • Breaks the traditional aerial photography limits, whether you are swimming, climbing or contesting in a competition
    • One-button record mode: Panoramic filming, Line Fly mode, and a video with movie qualities
    • Low Power Failsafe Mode/Flight Control Failsafe Mode