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    Take stunning family photos to remember your time away with the Rovtop mini stand and you’ll be able to tell the difference from your very first shot. The fully posable legs ensure you can customize each shot, whilst the remote control means you never have to set the timer and run back into position. 


    • Works with iPhones, Samsung handsets, and even the GoPro Hero 5
    • Weighs only 65 g for a flexible piece of equipment you can carry all day long 
    • Remote shutter is the quick and easy way to pose for a group photo
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    Fotga products allow you to take beautiful images and videos by mounting your chosen device on any type of surface. Whether it’s the beach, the lawn, or even some rocky, uneven terrain, you’ll be able to get into the perfect position in a matter of seconds. Ideal for those looking to get experimental with their photography. 


    • Can be used with smartphones, handheld videos, and cameras 
    • Extends to 1 m, and folds to just 35 cm 
    • Comes complete with durable carry bag so you can take it anywhere
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    Add the professional tool you need to your photography sessions and you’ll notice the difference the very first time you use it. With Zomei’s ever-popular pan head tripod you’ll be able to take rock steady images that capture the fine details in style. Just what you need to take beautiful closeups and stunning panoramas. 


    • Folds down to only 50 cm for a compact solution you can take anywhere 
    • Precision engineered from aluminum, and weighs only 1.25 kg 
    • Pan head tripod is designed for use with a huge variety of Canon SLRs
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    Zomei tripods have been used for years by some of the world’s leading photographers, and we know that the new Q6 will be no exception. The precision engineered legs are fully adjustable and uncompromisingly stable — just what you need when you want to capture all the fine details without sacrificing quality and focus. 


    • Folds down to just 35 cm for a truly compact solution 
    • Weighs only 1.5 kg so you can carry with ease wherever you go 
    • Fully adjustable legs allow you to shoot on any type of terrain or surface