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    The Fujian name has long been linked with nothing but the finest photography and camera equipment, and that trend is set to continue with their new Sony E mount macro ring. With a 35 mm focal length and f/1.7 aperture, it offers you everything you need to capture beautiful images with ease. 


    • Macro rings integrate seamlessly with Sony E mount technology 
    • 35 mm focal length is perfect for the versatile lens you can use anywhere
    • Durable lens is precision engineered and built to last
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    Turn any photo into an image you’ll treasure forever with a little help from this professional-grade 50 mm lens from YoungNuo. The finely balanced body contains everything you need to capture the moment in all its glory, making this an ideal choice for wedding photography, birthday parties, and a whole host of other special occasions. 


    • 58 mm caliber with 50 mm focal length 
    • Designed for use with a wide variety of Nikon cameras 
    • Maximum f/1.8 aperture for stunning exposure
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    When every fine detail matters, look no further than the new 25 mm prime lens from 7artisans. It’s equipped with an integrated UV filter lens and 0.15 times macro magnification to allow you to capture every last detail. All you need to do now is decide what you want to shoot first, and get ready to be amazed by what it can do. 


    • Fixed focus lens allows apertures ranging from f/1.8 all the way down to F22
    • 0.15 times macro magnification is great for capturing the intricate details of your subject 
    • 46 mm caliber comes complete with matching 46 mm UV filter
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    Turn on the style when you capture your next set of images thanks to the unrivaled performance of this 55 mm lens from 7artisans. It’s lightweight, perfectly balanced, and adept at working in a whole host of light levels. By fine tuning the exposure you can create images which capture every color, tone, and hue in all their glory. 


    • Maximum aperture of f/1.4 ensures stunning, professional quality images  
    • Standard prime lens offers adjustable focal depth of 18-55 mm 
    • Integrated 49 mm UV lens filter gives your images the finish they deserve
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    Change the way you approach your photography forever with a little help from the tech team at 7artisans. Their new fisheye lens is ideal when you want to take extreme closeups without sacrificing clarity and resolution. Ideal when you want to capture the fine details in a way that no other lens can. 


    • 7.5 mm focal length fixed focus lens offers stunning closeups 
    • 58 caliber construction features a maximum magnification of 0.25
    • Maximum aperture of f/2.8 ensures professional quality images, every time
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    The latest prime lens from 7artisans is the perfect way to create images that you’ll treasure forever. With a huge range of aperture sizes you’ll be able to tailor the exposure in a way that brings your subject to life. Perfect for when you want to get to grips with some of the more advanced aspects of photography with a single easy-to-use lens. 


    • Aperture varies from f/1.2 all the way down to F/16.0
    • 1000 times macro magnification has to be seen to be believed 
    • 35 mm manual focus is perfect for a whole variety of different shots