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    $40.99 $29.99

    16X is a name that’s made a big impact in the world of digital video cameras recently, and when you take a look at their 32 GB model it’s not hard to see why. With a lightweight and versatile design that allows you to view everything in real-time on the compact screen, it gives you just what you need to capture those magic moments with ease. 


    • 32 GB storage facility is more than enough to shoot all day long 
    • Shoots in full 1080p for a level of quality you won’t find anywhere else 
    • Cutting-edge CMOS sensor ensures perfect images, every time
  • $127.99$159.99

    Transform the way you take family videos with a little help from the latest HD video camera from the tech experts at Komery. This versatile, lightweight device is designed for one hand use so that you can capture the moment without weighing yourself down with camera kit. You can even view everything on the 3” screen in real-time. 


    • Durable HDD flash memory allows safe and secure storage for years to come 
    • Nightshot functionality for a camera you can use anywhere, any time 
    • Exports the latest AVI file type as standard
  • $170.99$199.99

    Capture those priceless family moments, complete with all the fine details, when you use your new Komery 4K video camera. The lightweight and easy-to-use design is perfect for single hand use, and comes complete with an intuitive touchscreen display that will make shooting easier than ever before. 


    • Exports the latest AVI file format as standard 
    • Takes an external SD card for flexible, expandable storage 
    • WiFi enabled and comes with built-in electronic image stabilization