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    • Integrated control panel design with a slider on its control panel and dedicated trigger button
    • Focus Pull & Zoom Capability: the hand-wheel is configured into a focus puller, helping you achieve high-precision focus changes in real time
    • PhoneGo Mode for Instant Scene Transition: Smooth 4 can respond to every delicate movement without delay without the need to worry about losing any shots
    • Time Lapse Expert: Smooth 4 can realize features such as Freestyle time lapse, Timelapse, Motionlapse, Hyperlapse, Slow-motion, recording lives and displaying the art of time flow
    • Object Tracking
    • Two-way Charging: can run for 12 hours in a row. The battery indicator tells you how much power is left.
  • Take your music wherever you go with the latest QCY hybrid technology headphones offering the finest audio experience yet. With fast charging and lightning connectors as standard, they allow you to take your soundtrack for the day with you without any of the hassle of wired headphones. 


    • 20-20 kHz frequency range offers professional quality audio 
    • 5.0 bluetooth offers the fastest, most reliable connection yet 
    • Micro USB charging connector is fast and efficient
  • Enjoy your music wherever the day takes you thanks to this exclusive new bluetooth stereo speaker from M&J. With instant connectivity over bluetooth and a powerful subwoofer, it allows you to enjoy your tunes day or night. Just what you need to get the party started. 

    • Instantly connects over bluetooth from up to 10 m away 
    • 10 W of stereo-quality audio 
    • Battery powered for unrivaled portability
  • When you think of M&J products you instantly think of uncompromising audio quality combined with eye-catching design. Their new LED subwoofer is testament to their approach, and is everything you need when it’s time to have fun. From the studio quality bass to the vibrant lighting, you finally have everything you need in a single compact package. 


    • 10 W of power combined with full-range audio crossover 
    • Durable metal body is designed to withstand any environment 
    • Instant connection via Aux, USB, or Bluetooth
    • Returns to the takeoff point with one button, and the low power returns to the air, and there is no signal to return
    • GPS Smart Follow: After the aircraft links to GPS, the APP follow function is turned on, and the aircraft follows the mobile phone.
    • Image following: 1-5m from the aircraft to identify the subject and perform automatic follow-up flight.
    • Gesture shooting recognition: within 1-5m from the aircraft, make a camera gesture/camera gesture to the camera.
    • Multi-point planning flight of the route: The aircraft autonomously flies according to the preset route, and the player concentrates on shooting.
    • Spot Surround: Find the center point around and move the desired surround radius with the joystick.
    • The aircraft recovery function: continuously click the GPS signal icon 3 times to open the map interface, the map shows the final distance of the aircraft, the latitude and longitude position.
  • $8.99
    • All parts of Anti Slip Drawstring all compatible mounted on the head to use , can also be
    • mounted on the helmet and elastic adjustable to fit various specifications headband .
    • HD motion camera worn on the head features GoPro special type headlamp headlight fixed belt
    • can be fixed on safety hat or head with a single universal size
    • GoPro Head Strap Mount GoPro adjustable fixture fixed position fixed nylon belt and
    • polycarbonate fixture design fixed belt on the back of the design and skin contact more reliable
    • GoPro extreme sports photography essential equipment headband compatible Camera
  • $5.99

    This is a 100% Brand new with excellent-quality phone bracket is automatic elastic stretch can clip 5.5-8.5cm width’s-phone. Phone bracket is adjustable and lightweight, easy to use and carry with. With standard tripod hole, you can install-in any 1/4″ tripod stand. The automatic elastic stretch with standard-tripod hole, you can use it with any tripod stand.

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    $7.99 $5.99
    • 1/4 inch screw adapter
    • bicycle handle bar mount (directly)
    • head strap (directly)
    • chest strap (buckle and J-hook mount needed)
    • hand mount straps (directly or buckle needed)
    • car suction cups (directly or buckle needed)
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    $9.99 $8.99
    • Includes flat and curved base
    • 3-way pivot