About Us

We’ve always believed that the power of tech should be for everyone, and that high prices and limited availability should never get in the way. Tech has the power to educate, to engage, and to entertain all at the same time. It sets us free to see and do new things, and to share experiences with people all around the world.

Our Garage Story

When we started looking for an online store that catered for our needs, we just couldn’t seem to find one. Either the prices were too high, the tech on offer was too limited, or the shipping options were too restrictive. It’s at this point we decided to do things differently by doing it ourselves. We got to work creating an online discount electronics retailer unlike any other, and the rest was history.

Your Premium Shopping Experience

Now you can shop drones, VR headsets, smartwatches, and anything else tech related that you need. To make it an even better deal we’ve added discounted prices, free shipping, secure checkout, and even 24/7 support.

We’re proud to offer the Vatt’s Satisfaction Guarantee. Learn why savers choose to shop Vatt’s Tech.