How to Clean Camera Lenses Correctly?

A perfect picture is a combination of absolute skill and technical knowledge. Nonetheless, clean and dust free equipment adds to the beauty of it. Camera lenses are one of the most crucial parts of a camera. Therefore, proper care is required for cleaning. That means for you to obtain a perfectly charming picture, you also need to keep your gear clean. Camera lenses find great importance in this regard. Therefore, the question remains, How to clean camera lenses effectively without causing any scratches or damage to it?

Essential Tools required for cleaning:

Selecting the right gadgets to clean your camera lenses is very important. These tools not only provide efficient cleaning but also promise a scratch free surface. Your cleaning kit must include

  • Microfibre cloth.
  • LensPen Mini Air Blower.
  • Cleaning Fluid/Chemical.
  • Soft bristled small brushes.

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What is the Best way to Clean Camera Lenses?

The best way to clean your camera lenses is a very basic one. However, you can accomplish this task using these three simple steps

  1. First of all, remove all the excess dirt on the lenses using a mini air blower. Once the excess dust is removed, use a small soft-bristled brush for further detailing.
  2. In the second step, add a few drops of cleaning fluid on your cleaning wipe or microfibre cloth.  Then start cleaning in a circular motion, gently targeting the area of stains.
  3. As a final touch, take a fresh and dry microfibre cloth and clean any spots left behind.

How often should I clean my camera lenses?

There are three types of camera cleaning techniques. Air Blasting, Using Lens Pen and Wet Cleaning. Cleaning of camera lenses varies from person to person. A camera can be used indoor in a studio or home and outdoor in the field. Therefore, the cleaning time is always determined by its working environment. However, the expert says that you should avoid frequent wet cleaning as it dulls the surface of lenses. Here is a little tip on how often should you clean your camera lenses.

  • Air Blasting: It can be done as many times as you wish.
  • Wet Cleaning: Only once in a span of 3 months. Unless, there are no fingerprint, oil and other spots present on the lens.
  • Cleaning through Lens Pen: Every month.

Should I clean my camera sensor?

Almost all of the latest cameras come with a built-in camera sensor cleaning feature. This feature allows you to clean your sensor more effectively and safely. The camera uses ultrasonic vibration to remove all the dust from the sensor and then disposes of the dirt.

Can I use alcohol to clean the camera lens?

Yes, you can use Isopropyl alcohol to clean the camera lens. For this technique, use a quality cotton swab dipped in Isopropyl alcohol and rub it. Then use a dry microfibre cloth on the lens, and it is done!

Camera equipment, especially lenses, are costly. They are more likely to get damaged if not used with proper care. These cleaning tips not only guarantee a dust-free gear but also enhanced usage is promised.

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